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(IPSWICH · 2023)


At Paddy & Scott's HQ, we created a versatile outdoor seating area, using a mixture of reclaimed materials and bespoke constructions to develop a sun-kissed quayside seating area.

Using solid larch, we created a series of planters around this space. The larch was sourced as manufacturing waste from a bespoke joiner's workshop in Lancashire, using off-cut lengths that would have otherwise been burnt or chipped due to their lack of scale due the needs of the joiner. This provided a naturally weather-resistant, premium material for our client; making use of waste without comprising on quality or style.

The planters are surrounded by a series of benches, tables and coffee tables. These feature a mixture of purpose-made metal legs, hollow blocks and sections of tanalised timber. We source our tanalised timber from a company that reclaims brand-new packages that have their outer plastic or strapping damaged in transport, meaning they need a little extra sanding and love to make them sing! This would normally be discarded by most timber yards. However, we think this is a worthy cause to both ensure sustainability and a product that is guaranteed to last for years to come! 

We have planted the beds with a mixture of grasses and lavenders, plants that will withstand the unbroken sun and winds of the area, whilst providing year-round visual interest and an easy care routine! Our planting scheme is inspired by the visual landscape of our local sand dunes and woods in the coastal north-west of England.

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