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In the Netflix London HQ, we installed a multi-functional landing pad table made from bleached mahogany, as the perfect spot for lunch meetings, quick chats or client/ talent receptions.

This table is made using mahogany rejected from a manufacturing plant due to its occasional moments of character and colour variance. It is for this reason that we were drawn to the timber, bringing a unique and organic feel to the timber.

On a bespoke steel frame, this table comfortably seats 8, just outside the eating area of the Netflix office. Outside of the Cobra Kai offices and Talent Relations office, this space sits as an area for casual meetings and as a place for employees to grab a bite over a chat.

Surrounded by a set of Cox-style tubular chairs, this space is both functional and comfortable. The chairs come from an engineering works from the early-mid 20th century. These have been powder coated to a slick British Racing Green, with the wooden pads restored and treated with yacht varnish to provide a high sheen finish.

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